Homemade Fish Pate

This is a very easy recipe that was given to me by my sister-in-law about 20 years ago. It’s suitable for almost any occasion from Birthdays, Christmas, Easter or even a work buffet party. We always have it as a starter at Christmas and still it remains very popular after all this time. I think… Continue reading Homemade Fish Pate


Barcelona featuring the Park for Everyone ‘Park Guell’

Back in January 2020 pre the Covid 19 pandemic, I was fortunate enough to spend a long weekend away in Barcelona. It was a Birthday treat and an early retirement present. I very nearly didn’t make it as I had a tooth extraction the week before we were due to fly. This resulted in a… Continue reading Barcelona featuring the Park for Everyone ‘Park Guell’

Lockdown Moments – Easy Banana Loaf ‘A good one for the kiddies’

During these difficult times it’s difficult to keep motivated and focused. I think it’s especially hard for those with young families who are trying to juggle so many things as well as home schooling. My heart goes out to them at the moment. I thought I’d share this simple and tasty little recipe, which is… Continue reading Lockdown Moments – Easy Banana Loaf ‘A good one for the kiddies’

Lockdown Moments – ‘Homegrown Frogs’

Over the last couple of months we have certainly become closer to nature, finding a lot of local walks and enjoying the different seasons as they come along. We have also managed to ‘grow’ some frogs from their tadpole state. We have a make-shift pond made out of a disused re-cycle box, it does the… Continue reading Lockdown Moments – ‘Homegrown Frogs’

Lockdown Moments – ‘The Kitchen Deep Clean’

Whilst in Lockdown, I think we’ve all been tackling jobs that we haven’t had time to do or wanted to do. This was one of ours that we did a number of week’s ago (seems like a lifetime now). It was the ‘Kitchen Deep Clean’. All started well with removing items from cupboards, bleach spraying… Continue reading Lockdown Moments – ‘The Kitchen Deep Clean’